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WEEKEND WORKSHOP: A Turn toward Sublimity - an Exploration of Tantra Philosophy for Today’s Yogis

Often inaccurately presented in popular media, Tantra is a profound system of spiritual philosophy that can inform and support a life-affirming yogic life at all levels of our being. This weekend, our guest teacher returns to Shri Yoga to guide us in exploring it together. Our focus will be specifically on the nondual philosophy of what has come to be known as Kashmir Shaivism.


In this seminar workshop, we will both discuss this philosophy based on passages from important texts in nondual Tantra and practice various yogic concentration techniques that open us to experience sublimity within our own immediate everyday life experiences. If you enjoy philosophical discussion combined with affirming celebration of the complexities of life, come join us. All are welcome.


HOURS: Saturday 11am - 1:30pm & 3pm - 5:30pm

              Sunday 11am - 3pm (with a short break)


COST: $200


INSTRUCTOR: Guest Teacher