PRICING (taxes included)


Student:    Drop-in $18

                     5 classes $70

                    10 classes $130

                    20 classes $240



Regular:     Drop-in $22

                      5-classes $85

                     10-classes $160

                     20-classes $280

                     1 week unlimited $30 (one time only)

                     1 month unlimited $120

                     1-year unlimited $1200 


Level 1

Introduces beginning and continuing students to our alignment-based, heart-centered hatha yoga in a welcoming and uplifting atmosphere. Emphasis is on creating a strong foundation for the practice by building strength and flexibility through standing poses, beginning backbends and seated poses.




Level 2

Builds on and refines standing poses from Level 1. Introduces inversions, deeper backbends and more forward bends and hip openers.




Level 3

For continuing students who have an understanding of bio-mechanical principles of alignment and yoga philosophy. This class focuses on refining alignment of all the postures of previous levels and explores deeper backbends, inversions and arm balances.




Restorative Yoga

Uses supported poses (with props) and longer timings to invite relaxation into the body and mind. Open to all levels of students.




Deeply nourish yourself with practices designed to soothe the nervous system. Uses pranayama (breath work and awareness), meditation, simple movements and restorative postures to sink into stillness and develop the capacity to cope with and manage the stresses of daily life. Open to all levels of practice.


Yoga for Stress Management


Yoga + Pilates (all-levels)

Pilates is a form of exercise that works the deep core and postural muscles, while providing stability and support for the spine.  Combined with the strength, flexibility, and body awareness that yoga creates, this class supports students to deepen their mind-body connection by practicing healthy alignment, exercises, and postures.





A community meditation opportunity. Each session includes minimal postural instruction, simple techniques to turn your awareness inward and about 15 minutes of meditation.

Free of charge for class-card holders, $10 for non-class-card holders.



The Maha Practice


A monthly 3-hour practice that includes postures from every category of poses. The sequence is designed to challenge you, help you build stamina and explore the edge of your asana practice. Prerequisites: Minimum one-year regular yoga practice, no active injuries, the ability to respect your limits while maintaining a positive self-regard. By donation only, class cards do not apply. Consult the class schedule for class times.




Advanced Practice


An opportunity to practice with an experience teacher who is doing the poses with you. Bring questions and a willingness to work toward more challenging poses. May include meditation and / or pranayama.



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