Anusara® Immersion

  • The immersion was phenomenal! You are a superb teacher and I cannot thank you enough for the beautiful, inspiring and uplifting workshop you gave. Lucille P.
  • “Participating in the Anusara Immersion with Barrie has opened my eyes and my heart towards the real meaning of Yoga. Words fail to explain the improved connection I feel with my inner self! I feel so much stronger, both physically and mentally. The Anusara Immersion has given me new yoga tools to confront whatever life may bring. I’m looking forward to continue my growing path.” Lettizzia W.

Teacher Training

  • Barrie is a teacher who generously offers many years of expertise in teaching yoga, coupled with a passion and devotion to understanding the intricate depths of yoga’s spiritual teachings. She is able to express her vast knowledge lucidly and with an enthusiasm that inspires further contemplation and exploration. In terms of Anusara yoga, her commitment and integrity are evident both as a practitioner and teacher, and she shares warmly the heart opening experience of this practice. Tanya R.
  • I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to undertake my Teacher Training with Barrie. She combines her knowledge and expertise with compassion and organization to offer a fully rounded, in depth study of the Anusara method. I left with a strong foundation and skills with which to begin teaching. – Genevieve V.
  • The Anusara Teacher Training and the Mentoring Program with Barrie was an amazing experience that has touched me for a lifetime. Barrie is such a profound person who teaches from her heart. Though the training was comprehensive and structured, there was no lack of sweet humour and bonding with the others in the group. I have come out of teacher training and the mentoring program with a deep desire to teach and continue to learn. My wish to others is to have the privilege of studying with Barrie or with Robin. – Eliot A.
  • “Completing the Anusara Yoga Teacher Training has been an extraordinary experience. Barrie created an ideal atmosphere to encourage our growth and expansion. In addition to her deep understanding of the Anusara principles, she applies them perfectly in her teachings and her way of being.” – Anonymous
  • I have been studying Anusara yoga for the past 7 years, and completed the immersion and teacher training with Barrie and Robin. I also recently finished a teacher Mentoring Program with Barrie. It has been a wonderful journey of discovery. Both teachers are anchored in a vast pool of knowledge and teach clearly. It has been a true privilege and joy to study with them. – Beatriz B.
  • “I am very satisfied with all I received from this training. What I really appreciated, is how Barrie makes manifest the universal principles of Anusara Yoga, from who she is. It is already a great teaching to observe her act and behave. We feel she really integrated, in a deep way, opening to grace and experiencing balance between self-effort and letting go… The content of her program is complete, well structured, accessible, interesting and stimulating! I would take another teacher training with her with great joy!” – Anonymous
  • “About the Teacher training, I would like to quote this idea excerpted from an article: “Life does not abide in the molecules but in the relationship they establish among them”. This is a fundamental principle held by our esteemed teacher Barrie Risman. She teaches us, at our own pace, from who we are, how we can translate the wonderful experience of Anusara Yoga to others, making it accessible with defined and efficient principles. Knowledgeable, sensitive and kind, she is an example to others and an exceptional guide.” Carole G.