Community Class Teachers

Cindy Durack

Cindy’s yoga practice began as a way to alleviate back pain; however, she soon discovered the benefits extend well beyond the physical body. It’s been her immense good fortune to have trained with Karen Claffey, Janice Clarefield, Maria Kali Ma, Joseph Lepage, and more recently, Barrie Risman and Robin Golt. Workshops with Suzie Hurley, Jonas Westring, Carlos Pomeda, Sally Kempton, Jack Kornfield and Anodea Judith have fed and furthered her passion for all things related to yoga. Teaching since 2006, her certifications include ERYT -200 and PYT -500. She feels deeply grateful for the privilege of guiding and accompanying others on their journey and her greatest joy arises from witnessing students discovering and embracing their own light and limitless potential.

Marie-Catherine Laduré

Page 2It was in 2005, during a retreat to the Shivananda Center in the Bahamas, that Marie Catherine discovered her fundamental reason for doing Yoga: Meditation in Action. For Marie Catherine, yoga represents a perfect union of body and spirit, combining physical and spiritual development, a deepening of concentration and her ability to return to her inner self. Yogic teachings give her profound support in her work as a Human Resources Consultant, most notably in her specialty as a Coach as well as in the challenges of her daily life. Marie Catherine has been teaching since 2011. She has 200 hours of Kripalu certification (Stockbridge/US) as well as 200 hours of Hatha Yoga certification as a graduate of Shri Yoga’s Teacher Training. It is an honor as well as a privilege for her to share her knowledge with her students.

Mira Rozenberg

MiraMira’s journey into yoga began in her early teens as a way to explore movement and potential in her body. She deepened her process in 2010 in an Anusara intensive in New Haven, CT, with Amy Reed, and completed the teacher training with Barrie Risman in 2012.  She integrates principals of yoga into her practice as a drama therapist and strongly believes in the power of the yoga to heal physical and emotional issues. Mira has completed additional trainings with the Justice Resouce Institute in Boston (Trauma Sensitive Yoga) and “Street Yoga” in New Haven. In addition to her regular yoga practice, Mira is dedicated to her practice of dance and Capoeira, the Brazilian martial arts. She is honoured to be part of the Shri community!

Patricia Brock

Patricia Brock discovered the joys of yoga twelve years ago in Montreal. At first, she was interested in various yoga styles, such as Ashtanga, Power, and Iyengar, but found the best match for herself in Anusara Yoga. She has practiced with Robin Golt, Barrie Risman, and Mona Keddy as well as attending workshops with Suzie Hurley, Todd Norian, Desirée Rumbaugh, Sianna Sherman, and many others. She also developed a keen interest in meditation by studying with Paul Muller-Ortega of Blue Throat Yoga. She completed her teacher training with Barrie Risman at Shri Yoga in 2012.