Talk & Tea: Satsang Series

led by Mona Keddy

Wednesdays, 12:15-1:15pm

Extended! May 18 and 25 2016

True to the sacred tradition of yogic inquiry, this series is an opportunity to sit in good company and engage with the teachings of yoga.  Through contemplation and discussion, we will extract the remarkable inspiration and relevance that the wisdom of yoga holds for our everyday lives.

Our meeting on Wednesday May 18 will focus on Sutra 4 of  The Heart of Recognition, the Pratyabhijna Hrdaya. Read it several times between now and our meeting. You may choose to sit with the sutra or write after reading it.
SUTRA 4 The Heart of Recognition 
The individual conscious being also, as a contraction of universal awareness, consists of the entire universe in a microcosmic form. 
Even the individualized and limited self which arises as the contraction of Citi of the great Absolute Consciousness nevertheless bodies forth the universe in a contracted form.  ~ Paul Muller-Ortega 

Everyone is welcome and no pre-registration is necessary. You are invited to attend all sessions or drop in as you are able.

Free for all Shri yoga class card holders, or $10.


Shri Teacher Training Coming This Fall!


Shri is pleased to announce the dates for its 200-Hour Teacher Training.

  • Sept 16-18
  • Oct 22-23
  • Nov 18-20
  • Dec 02-04
  • Jan 13-15
  • ​Jan 27-29
  • Feb 10-12
  • March ​24-26
  • April 19-24 (Retreat)
  • May 12-14

For all inquiries please contact Mona Keddy (

Fall Retreat in the Eastern Townships

We’re excited to announce a retreat in the Eastern Townships this October 14-16 2016!  Details coming soon.  Contact Mona for more information.

Now Available! The Shri Yoga Cookbook

Cooking from the Heart:

Recipes from the Students and Teachers of Shri Yoga

heartOver the years, the students and teachers of Shri Yoga have come together to share wholesome, vegetarian food at our community potluck dinners.These have been joyful occasions to spend time in each other’s good company and celebrate the abundance in our lives.This collection of favorites recipes is a natural outcome of these community gatherings.

Proceeds from our limited-edition cookbook will go to support the Yoga Programme of World Spine Care, a global charity dedicated to offering sustainable, evidence-based and integrated spine care to under-served communities around the world. Reserve your copy now!

Books can be purchased in person at the studio or online by contacting us.

Requested Donation: $20

The Skilful Yogi Mentoring Program for Yoga Teachers

with Barrie Risman

2016 Dates:

Session One: February 1-27

Session Two: March 7-April 1

Session Three: May 16-June 12

“I couldn’t imagine that I would benefit so much from an online course.”  ~ Mariane Thorberg

“Everything from cost, to online format, content was amazing.”  ~ Katherine Giard

“An incredibly enlightening and uplifting experience.”   ~ Cary Lawrence

    • Are you a yoga teacher  who is ready to take your practice and teaching to a deeper level of skill and understanding?
    • Do you want to refine your teaching skills and advance your practice without committing to a costly and time-consuming training program?
    • Are you a recent graduate of a 200-hour training program with questions based on your real-life teaching experience?

    The Skilful Yogi is an online mentoring program for yoga teachers of all BR-86 copy smallertraditions and styles to engage with your personal practice, explore the teachings of yoga and refine your teaching skills as part of stimulating and supportive learning community.

    Our program format is accessible and convenient. You can work with the materials provided at your own pace and when it works for you. The program content is engaging and rich, providing a unique opportunity for your professional development as a yoga teacher.

    Read more about why I created this program here.

    Our Winter 2016 program is offered in three 4-week sessions that can be taken individually or as a complete 12-week program.

    SESSION ONE: Engage with your Personal Practice

    February 1-27

    Explore alignment-based technique to unfold the intelligence of the body through optimal alignment and action in asana. Be supported to take your personal practice to the next level. Session includes:

    • Practice programs for backbend, inversions and restorative postures.
    • 3 practice sequences in 60 and 90-minute versions including written and recorded sequences.
    • Additional mini-sequences for more specialized work in poses.

    SESSION TWO: Deepen Your Understanding of Tantric Wisdom

    March 7-April 1

    Embark on a process of guided inquiry into the sublime teachings of the yoga tradition through study, discussion and personal contemplation. Explore how the teachings hold true for you and how to share them with students. Session includes:

    • Weekly discussion on key teachings of non-dual Tantra.
    • Readings and contemplation questions for reflection.
    • Online forum for asking questions, exploring key learnings and sharing insights.

    SESSION THREE: Refine Your Teaching Skills 

    May 16-June 12

    Make your teaching even more impactful and inspiring. Learn keys to effective and creative class planning as well as sequencing strategies for your classes and workshops. Session also includes:

    • Weekly discussion on teaching skills based on the group’s needs, but sure to include integrating yoga philosophy into teaching, effective instructions and more.
    • Teaching self-assessment and action plan.
    • Individual support for working toward your goals.

    All 4-week sessions include:

    • Weekly live calls with Barrie. All calls are recorded and promptly uploaded onto our webpage so live participation is not required.
    • Weekly handouts and support materials
    • Online Forum for Q&A
    • Course materials and a study guide at the completion of the session for ongoing study.
    • In-person gatherings in locations with a local host.
    • Access to all course materials for one year.
    • Maximum of 25 participants.

    What Yoga Teachers are Saying About this Program

    This is a great program that two of us teachers at Sun&Moon are participating in this fall, and it is such an enriching and expanding experience! Barrie is not only an amazing teacher but her material is beautifully structured and detailed, addressing both our bigger community of teachers (of various backgrounds) and our individual needs for our personal journeys.

    I really loved how you so generously shared so much with all of us and I can feel the love through the attention to detail and giving us personal advice. It’s greatly appreciated! THANK YOU for a unique program! Your organization and mastery of the course and the material is very inspiring! ~ Mariane Thorberg

    Your insights, the exercises and the experiences and insights of all who shared in this session, felt like I jumped out of a kiddie pool and dove into an ocean of wealth, beauty and promise. ~ Joanna Mathioudakis

    I appreciate that you invest so much of your guidance and knowledge to others! Thank you! I feel privileged to have been part of this.  ~ Katherine Giard

    I want to thank you for all you did to make the mentoring program such a gratifying, edifying, inspiring experience. It went far beyond my expectations and has given me a fantastic template for furthering study on my own. I was extremely impressed by the professionalism, the attention to detail, the format, the content, but most of all, by your generosity in being willing to attend to all the individual needs of the participants.~ Cindy Durack

    I feel encouraged and motivated to believe and trust in my ability to share my passion for Yoga…Even after just 3 weeks I have a sense that my practice has deepened and that my perspective has changed.~ Maud Hansen

    I love how you teach, Barrie. You are so generous with your wisdom and yet you know just how much we need at this moment in time. Susan MacPhee

    The Skilful Yogi Mentoring Course is the best kept secret in the yoga world .~ Cary Lawrence

    I felt I learned a lot – particularly around a way of working with philosophy in teaching that felt much more approachable, authentic and grounded in lived experience for me.~ Sara Lamb

    You cover an amazing amount of material in the meetings, and quite a wide spectrum between philosophy, teaching/class planning tips, and specifics about poses. I’m really grateful for all of it, it’s very helpful to me.~ Tracy Murdoch

    You will grow in way you do not expect. The skill set of the teaching is exceptional.  Well worth the investment. Gerard MacPhee

    Course Requirements

    • Successful completion of a 200-hour teacher training or equivalent
    • Reliable internet access for participating in calls, accessing recordings, video and written course materials.
    • Active Facebook account

    To Register

    Cost: $140 CDN per session; $360 for the complete 12-week program (all taxes included)

    Payment Options:  Debit or credit card, cheque, cash, e-transfer or Paypal. Please note there is a $10 surcharge for Paypal registrations.

    Payment plans are available, contact Barrie for more information.

    For all other registrations, to ask a question or reserve your spot, contact Barrie or call Shri Yoga at 514-508-7474.

    Skilful Yogi Mentoring Program

    Welcome to Yoga: Beginners Series

    Saturdays, 4-5:15 pm

    April 2, 9, 16, 30, May 7, 2016

    If you’ve always wondered about yoga but felt uncertain about stepping in to a class, then this is for you!

    Our five-Class-317class beginners series is designed for people who have done little or no yoga and those who would like a refresher course on some of the basics.

    Under the guidance of a skilled and experienced teacher you’ll learn the fundamentals of working with the body and breath, including how to practice healthy alignment in the yoga postures and increase awareness of your breath rhythms. Warning: Side effects may include increased strength, increased flexibility, greater clarity and peace of mind!

    with Ondine Guralnick

    Cost: $50 for the five-class series

    Shri Yoga Institute for Therapeutic Yoga

    Therapeutic Yoga Classes

    Tuesdays and Wednesdays 2:30-3:45pm

    Hear longtime yoga student Paul Maclean’s experience of Therapeutic Yoga at Shri:

    What is Therapeutic Yoga?

    Therapeutic yoga applies the technology and wisdom of yoga to empower individuals with specific concerns to ShriB-328move toward healing. It is designed as a complimentary and holistic system that fosters an integrated sense of wellbeing while addressing particular conditions and issues. Yoga is a tried and true path of optimal health that takes a holistic view of the individual.

    Therapeutic yoga addresses the whole person, including the physical, mental and emotional aspects of one’s self. It recognizes that health is promoted by creating an internal environment of balance and harmony on all these levels. As harmony is reestablished, health and wellbeing are improved. Therapeutic yoga can be effective in addressing:

    • Back pain
    • Injury rehabilitation and prevention
    • Sports injuries
    • Digestive disorders
    • Anxiety and depression
    • Stress management
    • Arthritis
    • OsteoporosisShriMona-160
    • Women’s health issues

    Therapeutic yoga is emerging as a highly effective modality for healing. In many cases, it can be used in conjunction with conventional medical approaches and other healing modalities with great success.

    Therapeutic Yoga at Shri

    Shri Yoga’s approach to therapeutic yoga is rooted in our alignment-based, heart-centered method of hatha yoga. We apply the technology of optimal alignment to modify poses, using props as needed, to address the needs and conditions of each student. Our institute offerings:

    • Therapeutic yoga classes
    • Yoga for Fertility (6-week session offered twice per year, check our for the next session)
    • Private sessions

    We provide insurance receipts. Contact us to schedule your free consultation to determine if therapeutic yoga is right for you.5wXlE-vT3xfSJULaklLlNfc8WRJgHtLqfpaM_2_1sso,6oLKpQu4yydV66pKyOfu0FMSpV0o8j68cQI-FLIozt4 Therapeutic students might also benefit from some of our regular Shri Yoga offerings including Exquisite Stillness Restorative Yoga classes and Meditation Courses. Contact us for recommendations.

    Our 8-week program starts off with an initial assessment, during which we create an individualized program foreach person that may include yoga poses, breathing techniques and/or meditation as appropriate for the specific needs of the person. The sequence is based on presenting issues, health history, yoga background and overall fitness level. Following the assessment, you will attend our therapeutics class for 8 weeks where you practice your sequence under the guidance of a team of experienced teachers. The teachers will assist you in performing the sequence and adapt on the spot as needed. At the end of the 8 week period, another  consultation will be held to re-assess your condition and provide additional support as needed.

    Our Therapeutic Yoga class package is an 8-week program that includes:

    • Phone consultation
    • 30-minute initial assessment
    • Personalized yoga sequence
    • Therapeutic classes with our skilled and experienced teachers
    • 30-minute evaluation at the end of the 8-weeks

    Cost for 8-week session: $250, all taxes included.

    • Classes are ongoing, you may join at any time.
    • Shri Yoga class cards cannot be used for the Therapeutics class.
    • Pre-registration is required.

    Volunteer Exchange Program

    Are you interested in offering your skills and time in exchange for classes at Shri? We have positions open in data entry and marketing. Download the Volunteer Exchange Program Application here: Volunteer Application