Shri Yoga

Shri (pronounced “shree”) means auspiciousness; abundance; that which shines with radiant beauty; the splendour inherent in life; the divine beauty of the Universe.

Shri Yoga offers alignment-based, heart-centered hatha yoga to serve all levels of practitioners from beginner to advanced, as well as in-depth study programs and teacher training.

At the foundation of all we do is a commitment to excellence in yoga instruction, highly-skilled teachers, a beautiful and well-equipped studio space and a compelling schedule of offerings. We are dedicated to creating a friendly and inclusive atmosphere that warmly welcomes everyone to unfold their highest potential through the heart-opening practices of yoga.

Our Guiding Principles: Gather, Practice, Grow

Gather: our community
  • Connection – We believe in the power of community to uplift, inspire and support us on our path of awakening.
  • Harmonious – We are dedicated to encouraging and supporting the harmonious expansion of our community of students.
  • Inclusive – We are committed to creating an atmosphere of openness and friendliness where everyone feels welcome to participate.
Practice: yoga
  • Sacred –We honour the body as a magnificent manifestation of Spirit, and as the instrument for the awakening and unfolding of our heart’s deepest longings.
  • Service – Our goal is to honour and serve each student, seeing the best in you and to assist in your experience of finding the highest within yourself.
  • Homecoming – We see the practice as an opportunity to come home to yourself via the body and breath.
Grow: your path of awakening
  • Studentship – We believe in theimportance of regular and dedicated practice, and place a strong emphasis on cultivating studentship.
  • Empowering– We view yoga as a creative and empowering practice that invites you to embody your highest intention from the inside out.
  • Transformative – We believe yoga is about creating positive change, happiness, expansion, growth and fulfillment from within.

Hear our students speak about their experience at Shri:

Paul Maclean:

Marie-Élaine Langlois & Guy Parent:

Ann Bois

Cary Lawrence

“It’s a sacred haven. That’s what Shri is.”

Ingrid Steimer

“I feel safe, I feel taken care of, I feel that there is a community here…the classes go to the heart of yoga.”

Letizzia Wastavino

“When you come here, you are welcomed as you are.”

Barry Lazar

“What I appreciate most about Shri is the community.”