Happy Anniversary Blog!

This week mark’s the first anniversary of our Shri Yoga Blog. Each week over the past year, Mona and I CTA-blog_frhave offered personal reflections, knowledge, yoga postures, sequences, practice tips and more. Looking back, we’ve amassed quite a collection already.

This blog is intended to be a forum where you, our community, can get to know us better as students as well as teachers.

As students, we seek ever-deeper understanding. We endeavor to use the practice and wisdom of yoga to bring meaning to all areas of our lives, enlighten our choices and expand the way we see things. This is some of what we have shared. We hope our reflections may serve to guide your own contemplation of how yoga can be a tool for making positive shifts in your life.

As teachers, we have also endeavoured to offer the knowledge and understanding we have gained to support you in your own practice.

In some cases, our writings have reached beyond our local community. Here are our five most popular blog posts from the past year:

Thanks for being here. We look forward to continuing the journey with you,


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