The Power of a Wish

by Barrie Risman

Happy New Year!

I have typed these words countless times this week, with almost every e-mail I have sent.

Blessings of happiness, health and abundance for 2014. May all your dreams come true.

It feels sweet to offer New Year wishes to others. What about us? What do we wish for ourselves in this new year?

This is a question worth thinking about. Articulating what we hope for ourselves in the coming year is a way of clarifying what we want to cultivate. Becoming conscious of our yearnings can be the start of meaningful and important intention-setting.  It can be the beginning of a fruitful inquiry into how we want to direct our time, resources and energy.  Bringing our aspirations to the forefront, into the light of our awareness, is the first step in becoming who we want to be in this New Year. Happiness begins with a sincere desire to be happy.

Then, of course, yoga steps in to direct our energy toward what we want to create. Our practice becomes even more meaningful when we realize that whatever qualities we wish for ourselves can be cultivated on our mats.  Our practice begins with becoming aware of our intention. What do we want to create? What is our wish?

As we open, move and align the body, we free up energy both mental and physical. We then harness that energy and turn it, through our will and intention, toward cultivating the quality of our choice. The more we know what we want to create, the more powerful and intentional this becomes.

It is empowering to recognize that we have the power to offer blessings. And, to remember that we can also receive them, even (and most importantly) from ourselves.


  1. Great post, Barrie.

    It’s so much more powerful to set an intention for the coming year, rather than making resolutions. It gives the Universe a clear idea of where you want to go, so you can engage Divine help. So much better than forcing myself to do something that doesn’t necessarily fit who I am.

    This year, I noticed that my holiday wishes in cards & emails were then direct extensions of my intentions for myself. Makes me feel like I’m sharing the Love in a way that’s true to my soul.

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