On the Mat

by Mona Keddy

The previous two blog posts considered the gift of embodiment and how we can cultivate a sense of gratitude in every day life. Our asana practice can also be an opportunity to work with these ideas. During my practice, I remember my embodied experience through the physical and mental sensations of each asana. With conscious breathing, I  acknowledge the prana (life force energy) that moves through me. Sensations and breath remind me that I have a body that breaths, moves, shifts. I remember it is the vehicle through which i experience the world around me. I am grateful.
Here is a way to work with these ideas during your practice. You can apply this to your own practice or in class:
Once in a pose, breathe and acknowledge the gift of breath. Consciously notice the sensations or lack of sensation you feel in a pose. Explore the sensations which are immediately evident and the ones that are more subtle. Consciously recognize the sensations, both comfortable and uncomfortable, as a gift of the embodied experience. Adjust in the pose without aggression as a way of being grateful for the use of your body.
Observe what happens as you move through your practice with this focus. Enjoy!

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